Naijabet Sporting Betting Review

Naijabet Sporting Betting Review

Naijabet Sporting Betting Review; When trying to find a place for sports betting, it’s hard not to go with Naija Bet Sports Betting.

Naijabet Sporting Betting Review: Naija Bet is known to be the best of all the sports betting sites and is worth looking into when you want a place that you can come back to whenever you have the gambling itch.

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NaijaBet, the largest sports betting site in Nigeria, offers a range of markets and games including football, basketball, soccer, and tennis.

Naija Bet is based on The Blockchain technology and is one of the few companies in Africa to have implemented The blockchain technology. The company also offers great payouts with both deposit & withdrawal options.

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The Sportsbook was developed by a group of professionals who have experience in their respective fields such as Finance and IT. The team aims at providing the best sportsbook on the market today.

NaijaBet Prediction Site Registration

NaijaBet is only available for bettors aged 18 and above.  Like most betting platforms in Nigeria, registration on the platform is easy and free of charge.

To register  follow the steps  below to help you through the process:

  • Visit
  • Navigate to the right corner of the page and click “Join Now”
  • Complete the form provided in the section by providing your personal details.
  • Go through your form and ensure you verify your age. You must be over 18 years of age.
  • Click on submit.

Once you’ve completed the steps above, you are now qualified to log into your account with your password and access your account as well.

Does NaijaBet Pay Cut One?

Does NaijaBet pay cut one? The answer is yes. If you are looking for a simple and straightforward sportsbook that doesn’t charge any fees or commissions, then NaijaBet should be your first choice.

Live Betting and Free Picks

The NaijaBet prediction site allows you to bet on sports teams or individuals, with or without free picks. You can also make and use your own predictions like a professional sports handicapper. This means that if you have a hunch about who will win the Super Bowl, you can make your own Moneyline and choose to either take the payout or take a percentage of the total payout that your hunch predicts.

Or perhaps you have a hunch about how the game will end; you can choose to either take the payout or take a percentage of the total payout that your hunch predicts.

NaijaBet is based on player statistics and not some mystical formula for finding out who will win or what will happen in advance. With our free picks, we are proud to give you picks that are as accurate as any professional handicapper in the industry, over 95% of the time.

How Fast Is NaijaBet Payout?

NaijaBet is a sports betting site that is especially known for its fast payouts. They boast that their players only have to wait as little as 30 minutes for their money to be paid out.

This is an interesting claim, and we can understand why they would make it. Sports betting is popular across the world, but in some countries, it seems harder to cash out than in others. In the UK, for example, a player has to wait 45 days from the time he bets before he can request payment from his bookmaker. For other countries, it can take up to 90 days. And sometimes there are no payouts at all.

NaijaBet says that the reason they are so fast is that they use an automated system to process account withdrawals and that this cuts down the time spent on manual checks needed in other gambling sites. We think this claim is probably true; it’s possible that they have faster withdrawal times than their competitors, and if so they should state this clearly on their site.

We tried NaijaBet ourselves and were surprised by how quickly we received our payout. But of course, you need to be sure that it really does take as little as 30 minutes or you may lose your deposit if you don’t get your money quickly enough.

How Do I Fund My Betting Account?

You can fund your NaijaBet prediction site account via the following codes depending on the type of bank you are using to pat.

*894*89402543*AMOUNT#     (First Bank Users Only)

*737*50*AMOUNT*46#           (GT Bank Users Only)

*402*89402543*AMOUNT#     (For Other Banks)

*402*77000999*AMOUNT#     (For Other Banks)

You can dial the code, provide your bet account ID which is your NaijaBet username and input your ATM pin.

If all information provided is correct, your funding will be successful.

Does NaijaBet Payout On Weekends?

Payouts on the NaijaBet prediction site are processed 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. They also payout on public holidays.

What Is the Maximum Winning on NaijaBet?

Naijabet Sporting Betting Review: Compared to other bets whose maximum withdrawal is N10 million, the maximum winning on the NaijaBet prediction site is N25 million and they also have a maximum daily payout of N5 million.

The Minimum Withdrawal

The minimum payout on  NaijaBet is N500.

Naija Bet Sports Betting Review Summary

In summary, Naija Bet Sports Betting is one of the best betting sites in Nigeria today. They have a variety of wagering options from football to horse racing. The new betting app also offers easy access anytime anywhere. The entire platform is well designed to offer a smooth betting experience to its users.

Naijabet Sporting Betting Review: Their customer care supports are well versed and always ready to assist at any time. Most importantly, they are trusted by more than a million Nigerians across the country. Overall I rate their operation as good and recommend it for you.

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