How to Become a Croupier

How to Become a Croupier

Want to work in one of the most exciting, high-paying occupations of the 21st century? Then you need to know how to become a croupier. Croupiers get involved in the game, not just spectate from the sidelines people do.

 They do not watch the ball, the chips, or the cards. Instead, they watch the table, those that populate,it and those that are on it. They see patterns of play that most people never see and anticipate what some of those players might be thinking before they actually do it!

Why Would Someone Want to Become a Croupier?

One of the most common questions new croupiers ask is: “Why would someone want to become a croupier?”. It’s easy to understand why this is a question. Croupiers are not known for being high in the pecking order of casino staff and therefore do not earn that much more than the average blue-collar worker.

Truly, the answer is: “Because it’s an enjoyable job”.

Apart from that, the other reasons are that you can work in a casino atmosphere while sitting down and have a big customer service experience. You never get bored, as you have all kinds of people to deal with every day and there is always something going on. But most importantly, you meet a lot of people and make friends! Most casino workers are quite social people and they will love to talk with you after their shift.

As a croupier, you also learn a lot about human psychology. For instance, you see how the same person can be completely different when he changes his luck or when he has had too much to drink. You also learn how some players become very nervous whereas others remain calm even though they have just lost everything. You learn what body language tells about a player (sometimes better than words).

What Traits and Skills are Required to become a croupier?

We have gathered for you some information about the nature of this job, so that you can make a choice with the best possible knowledge.

The work itself is not easy, but it is not as difficult as it may seem at first. It is a job that requires certain traits and skills to be able to cope with it.

Being a croupier demands patience, sometimes self-control, sometimes ability to concentrate and analyze the game in real time. You need good mathematical skills and knowledge of the rules of the game. The croupier must also be able to work well with people, understanding their psychology and predicting how they will act in certain situations.

Tournament croupiers should have experience in playing poker, otherwise they will not succeed in this profession. But if you have these qualities and are willing to work hard then this is exactly what you are looking for!

Croupiers are also required to be meticulous in their handling of money, as they often have to count large sums of money and should not make mistakes. Good physical fitness is also important, as they are required to stand for long hours at a time.

Croupiers often work in noisy, lighting-challenged environments and also tend to work at high speeds with little time to think. They also need to be able to remain calm under pressure, as disputes might arise between players and croupiers must be able to defuse the situation.

What else should people consider before becoming a croupier?

Croupiers are in the service industry and are trained at passing time by engaging with players, but even the most seasoned of them can still get frustrated if a player is too chatty. A croupier’s main focus at the table is the game and to ensure that all of the rules are being followed.

 A lot of their work is done discreetly behind the scenes and they don’t want to be distracted by having to answer personal questions. This is true for any customer-facing job which requires you to concentrate on your role.

Learning how to deal cards with speed and efficiency while ensuring they don’t fly off the table takes years of practice. But croupiers also need to develop their patience as they will sometimes have to deal with slow players or those who insist on challenging the dealer or house rules. It is not uncommon for such arguments to spill over from the casino floor into the staff break room.

After many years on the job, some croupiers begin to develop arthritis in their hands due to repetitive strain injuries caused by card handling, dealing and shuffling. 

Becoming a croupier is not as easy as going to a casino, but with a little time, it is definitely within your reach. You can use this advice to begin your exciting journey into an exciting new career. The rewards are great in the casino field. Do not think of it as something shady or unorganized. Without croupiers, casinos could not operate at all.