Football betting tips

Football betting tips

So many people round the world place bets, many win and many also lose their funds, there are so many sports which are available for betting, and football is one of the sports mostly used to place wagers. There are so many ways to select games and also choose the betting option you would prefer for your betting. They are so many betting options like, overs, unders, ht options, regular time option, corners and many more option. Getting to know how to place bets and know which option to pick in order to help increase your chances of winning. Also, you have to note that there is no option in football that is 100% accurate. With this at the back of your mind you are only urged to play safer games that have a higher percentage of winning. Below are some healthy tips on how to select your betting options.

Football Knowledge

You don’t have to be an expert in football, but you also have to have little knowledge of football, because knowing about what you bet on can help a lot on your decision making. You have to also know and understand some rules in football, have a little knowledge on the game you choose to place your wager on, it will always be very difficult to make decisions on what you have no idea about. You have to be able to identify some things in football.¬†

Past records and history

Always try to check past records and history of the teams you want to bet on, they are some teams that can perform very badly against other teams, but when it comes to a particular team they win or make it very hard for the other team to get a single goal, records like this can easily be of help when deciding your option for the game. Examples of such incidents are Barcelona and Celta Vigo. It’s always very difficult for Barcelona to get a draw when they visit Celta vigo, not until recently that they were able to defeat celta vigo away.things like this help because on a normal instant when you see such options, you can easily pick Barcelona to win, and they end up drawing the game. When you look at scuh history, you can easily play it safe and play Barcelona win or draw, to increase the chances of winning.

Current Form

This is also a very helpful tip, when you check teams that don’t really have such rivalries in their history, their present form can go a very long way to help you predict the outcome of the game. Their goal scoring rate, amount of corners, the amount of goals they have let in recently can give you a very good basis for your option, which will also help to increase your chances of winning.


Please never use sentiment to select your games, games selected with sentiment always have a very low percentage of winning. Let it not be that you are an Arsenal fan or a Barcelona Fan or Man united fan you just stand up and pick your team to win, always detach your emotions when betting, it helps you make a better decision.