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Billy Walters net Worth 2022

Billy Walters Net Worth: Billy Walters is an American professional football bettor and also a developer. Billy Walters first debut in sports betting landed him as a loser. The 1955 world series was like a hell to Walters after he lost all his money on gambling. After this encounter Billy has to face life squarely but he never gave up on his plans until his luck begin to shine in this business. At the tender age of nine Billy Walters got drown in his life time business.

Billy Walters Net Worth Profile

Net Worth$250 million
NameWilliam T. Billy Walters
Place of BirthMunfordville, Kentucky
professionEntrepreneur and Gambler
NationalityUnited State of America
Date of BirthJuly 15, 1946
SpauseSusan Walters
Billy Walters net worth profile

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As at 2022, Billy Walters net worth is value at $250 million. He is an American professional bettor and a developer. Billy is also a successful businessman and a gambler whose ninety nine percent worth is from those business.

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Early life

Born in Munfordville, Kentucky of United State of America on April 17, 1943. Walters began his betting carrier with the dream to be come a world billionaire. He came from a poor family and things were really not clicking from the onset. Most at times he has to go to the airport before he can access the needed information via newspapers. The available information had it that, billy won successively for thirty-seven years betting on football and basketball. Walters was one of the founding members of a betting group known as The Computer Group whose core mandate was to carry out statistical analysis on betting. This group generated millions of dollars in a year and was formed in 1980 at Las vegas.

Business Carrier

History had it that Billy is one of the most successful sports bettors in the world today. Walters was a business minded person. After he made millions of dollars from variety of sports betting companies, Billy parlays the money into other businesses for more investment. This idea ended him where he is today. In his custody today, Billy can boast of golf courses, real estate, car dealerships and even seven homes. Billy enjoys privacy. In 2013, he made a cash in of $500,000 from the Southern Nevada Water Authority. On the sad note, Walters in April, 2017 was found guilty of being involved in an insider trading which he made a profit of $40 million between 2008 and 2015. Billy was prosecuted after three times trial in New York Federal court. He was convicted and sentence to five years in prison. He had Covid pandemic to thank as it led to his release from the prison service.

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According to the information available on the wikipedia, Billy Walters is married to susan Walters and they had a son and a daughter.

Frequently Asked Questions About Billy Walters

What is the net worth of Billy Walters?

The net worth of Billy is $250 million

Why was Billy Walters sent to prison?

He was guilty of insider trading

Is Billy Walters married?

He is married

Where is the birthplace of Billy Walters?

The birthplace of Billy Walters is Munfordville, Kentucky

What is the profession of Billy Walters?

He is Entrepreneur

Billy Walters Net Worth

Billy Walters Net Worth is about $250 million as at 2022.  Per information available at popular websites, he owns a private jet that is estimated to worth at $20 million USD and also owns seven homes.

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Billy Walters Net Worth

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