Betfred Grand National Offers – Get £60 in free bets!

Betfred Grand National Offers – Get £60 in free bets!

Betfred Grand National Offers – Get £60 in free bets! Betfred is one of those betting sites that has been around for many years. In the UK, Betfred certainly ranks as one of the top 5. And coincidentally, new players can use the Betfred promo code to claim £60 in free bets.

Betfred Grand National Offers – Get £60 in free bets! This is part of the highly competitive Betfred Grand National offering – one of the biggest in the UK market. As for the qualification requirements, redeeming this welcome offer is pretty easy. All you have to do is register, deposit at least £10 and wager that £10 on an eligible market.

As soon as this is done and your qualifying bet has been settled, the £60 in free bets will be credited. Of course, if you claim this bonus today you can use it towards the Grand National. The race is only a few months away, but good preparation never hurts! As for the available Grand National betting offers, once you’ve taken advantage of this one, they’re plentiful. After all, Betfred isn’t “the bonus king” for nothing!

Betfred Grand National Offers – Get £60 in free bets! This encompasses free bets, non-runner cashback incentives, exclusive ante-post bets, super extra place markets and all the right bonuses too. The latter is part of a free-to-play competition available to all Betfred customers.

Specific details for the Grand National

As you are aware, new customers are entitled to £60 in free bets from the Betfred Grand National Offers. This is obviously a very lucrative offer. But it’s still pertinent that you know a little more about the Grand National before placing your bets. In that sense, this is the biggest steeplechase race in the UK, both in terms of financial rewards and wide recognition . UK players collectively bet millions on this race annually and the markets are already open! However, these are ante-post markets as the official participants have not yet been announced.

The race itself is a 4-mile, 30-jump race for horses. It’s certainly very grueling and there’s plenty of time for things to go right and wrong for the competition. That’s what makes the Grand National a joy to watch and the prize pool could easily top £750,000 this year. The race takes place on April 9th, 2022 and Betfred will likely create more specialized offers closer to the event time. There are also 40 horses that will participate in the race, which means  you have plenty of betting options!

Live betting and streaming options at Betfred for this race

Betfred Grand National Offers – Get £60 in free bets! However  Betfred already has ante-post markets for the race, these aren’t the only options. When the event starts, you can place live bets until the end.

Betfred Grand National Offers – Get £60 in free bets! Betfred is a site that fully supports live betting. And the choice of markets is usually excellent for the Grand National. Minimum stakes for live betting are also just 10p, so you don’t have to wager a lot to get in on the action. Just remember that the Betfred Grand National offer may not be eligible for live betting!

Besides live betting, Betfred has another magic up their sleeve with  streaming livehl. Many leading bookmakers have recently started to include this feature. And just to be clear, Betfred is streaming in full for the Grand National. You can either keep an account with funds or bet on the event to access streaming services. In any case, you are guaranteed to be able to follow the race from both desktop and mobile. Just locate the Grand National race, look for the streaming link and tap on it.

The stream should start immediately and the streaming quality at Betfred is generally very good.

Grand National odds at Betfred – impressive

Betfred Grand National Offers – Get £60 in free bets! Horse racing is a pretty unique sport when it comes to betting. It’s pretty much the only sport where bookmakers offer a best odds guarantee. Betfred is one of those bookmakers, although the odds at Betfred are so good that it would be a surprise if they were beaten. Regardless, if another bookmaker has a better price, Betfred will adjust those odds. This applies to all markets including Ante-Post, Moneyline, To Place and Each Way – although there are certain Betfred Grand National Each Way rules to be aware of.

What does that actually mean? Well it means you get great value when you bet on the Grand National at Betfred. It ensures your potential returns are better at Betfred than anywhere else. And in terms of national Betfred payouts, they pay out up to £250,000 on all winning bets. Of course, you need to wager a lot of money to stand a chance of winnings like this. Anyway, it’s reassuring to know that Betfred has no trouble paying out big returns.

Betfred Grand National Offer

You always have the option to increase your stake. Betfred facilitates betting boosts on a variety of Grand National-related markets. However, the Betfred Grand National offer may not always qualify for a wagering bonus as set out in the Terms and Conditions.

Grand National betting tips at Betfred.

Betfred Grand National Offers – Get £60 in free bets! Betfred could be a great bookmaker for betting on the Grand National. However, it is also a bookmaker that goes well beyond that. Visit the Betfred blog and read all sorts of information about horse racing. There is not much information about the Grand National at this time. However, the race should only take place for a few months. As the race gets closer, we’re confident there will be many posts and tips created here. On the subject of tips, Betfred offers free betting tips for all members to read.

Again, these tips are usually created by professional experts, which adds credibility to the information. Of course, there is no guarantee that the tips will go through. But reading them is a great way to make a more informed betting decision whether or not with the Betfred Grand National offer. Sometimes the blog also highlights breaking news, which can also drastically change ratings. That’s why it’s also worth checking the blog before betting.

Best features from Betfred

Betfred hasn’t managed to get to the top of the UK betting market by accident. In fact, there are very specific characteristics that have helped Betfred build such popularity. These are discussed here.

Price increases

Betfred Grand National Offers – Get £60 in free bets! Betfred offers great Grand National betting odds, there’s no denying that. However, they also allow players to increase their odds on selected markets every day. This is marked with the price increase symbol next to many betting markets. And when you tap the Boost tool, your odds are automatically pumped in the right direction. Should your bet then a win after using the price boost, the return will of course be greater


Overall, Betfred offers a fantastic range of markets for the Grand National. These can be browsed and used as needed while taking advantage of the Betfred Grand National offering. However, there is no guarantee that your desired market will be available. And this is where the PickYourPunt tool becomes very useful. Basically, you can request odds on a specific betting option from Betfred. These requests are not always granted, but Betfred seems to approve many of them within reason.

Reload bonuses

Betfred Grand National Offers – Get £60 in free bets! As you already know, the Betfred Grand National offer is for new customers only. But that’s all well and good, but the range of reload offers is also impressive. This means that existing customers also benefit from various offers tailored to the Grand National. And while yes, other sites do have to reload offers, they’re not quite as extensive as Betfred. Over time, this helps create a much more valuable betting experience for the end user.

Conclusion – a bookmaker at the highest level

Betfred Grand National Offers – Get £60 in free bets! Betfred has an excellent reputation here in the UK. And as good as that reputation is, Betfred still deserves more credit for Grand National’s offerings. Starting with the Betfred Grand National offer, few sites offer free bets worth up to £60. As this is then backed up with a plethora of free bets, exclusive markets and other bonuses, it’s clear that Betfred has done everything they can to offer users the best possible experience. Keep in mind that all of this can be found in both the mobile and desktop markets. This also gives you flexibility in the way you bet.