5 Casino Gambling Strategies

5 Casino Gambling Strategies that work like magic 2022

Betcenta presents 5 Casino Gambling Strategies that work like magic 2022 is a structured approach to gambling, in the attempt to produce a profit. To be successful, the system must change the house edge into a player advantage — which is impossible for pure games of probability with fixed odds, akin to a perpetual motion machine.

Though most of the gambling strategies are simple, they quickly reduce the House edge. If you play the 5 Casino Gambling Strategies best strategy you can, you’ll be able to win more playing sessions and play longer on the same bankroll.

How to Become a Croupier

1 – Take the Odds

When you play craps you start each sequence of rolls with a come-out roll. You can bet on the pass or don’t pass line during a come-out roll. Eventually (usually after one roll, but not always) a point is set.

Once a point is set you can place a special wager called an odds to bet. The odds bet doesn’t have a marked place on the table because the casinos don’t really want you to place them. You slide your bet out behind the pass line or don’t pass line bet you placed and say you want the odds. If you have any questions ask one of the casino personnel running the game.

Odds bets are offered at true odds of zero. The house edge is zero, so you should place odds bets whenever you have the opportunity.

2 – Only Play On Single Zero Wheels

Roulette is a game that doesn’t have many strategies that can change the long-term outcome. It doesn’t matter what you bet on the house edge is the same.

What you can do is only play on roulette wheels with only a single zero space. Wheels with a double zero and a single zero space have a house edge of over 5.2%. The house edge on single zero wheels is only 2.7%.

Though it doesn’t work out perfectly in the short run, in the long run, you can play almost twice as long on the same bankroll at a single zero wheel as you can playing a double zero wheel. This is enough reason for this simple strategy to be included on any list.

3 – Always Bet the Banker

When you play baccarat you should always bet on the banker. It offers the lowest house edge and is the only strategy decision you can make at the table to help you.

The banker bet has a house edge of just a hair over 1%, making it one of the lower house edges in the casino.

 o4 – Slow Down At the Slot Machines

Slot machines have some of the highest house edges among the 5 Casino Gambling Strategies you can find in a casino, you can usually play 300 or more spins per hour.

When you combine a large house edge and so many decisions per hour you create one of the worst things you can do in a casino.

While there aren’t any true strategies that can help you beat slot machines in the long run, the best thing you can do (beyond simply not playing) is slow down your play. If you only play 100 spins per hour instead of 300 your bankroll will last three times as long on average.

5 – Bluff Less

This one goes for any type of poker including Texas Hold ’em, 7 card stud, and Omaha. You should bluff less than you do now.

It always looks like the players on television are bluffing all the time but the truth is most pros only bluff occasionally.

Try bluffing half the time you currently do in the future. You’ll find your bluffs work more often and you make more money the times when you aren’t bluffing.


Use the simple 5 Casino Gambling Strategies listed above to win more often and play longer. Everything is simple enough that any casino gambler can do it, so why not give one or more strategies a try?

The odds are you’Gamblingll be glad you did.