5 ways to get rich gambling

5 Ways to Get Rich Gambling

5 Ways to Get Rich Gambling

Have you ever dreamed about getting rich gambling? Some gamblers are able to do it, so why not you? What could be better than taking a risk and having it pay off in a big way? Here are the 5 Ways to Get Rich Gambling.

Gamblers have been trying to get rich for years. Some of them have been able to do it by getting lucky and hitting a big progressive jackpot or a big lottery. But others have been able to amass riches by a more practical and straightforward method.

I’ve put together five ways you can get rich gambling with real money below. Some of them are easy, just requiring a small bet and a great deal of luck. But some of them are within your reach, if you’re willing to do the work and put in the time.

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1 – Win a Big Poker Tournament

Just about every poker player knows the winner of the WSOP main event takes home millions every year. But did you know there are hundreds of poker tournaments that pay out over $100,000 played every year?

You don’t have to win the WSOP main event to win a big score. But even if you only look at the biggest poker tournament in the world, your odds of winning are still much better than you get with things like one of the big lottery drawings.

2 – Grind It out as a Blackjack Card Counter

This one isn’t glamorous like some of the other ways to get rich gambling on this list, but it’s one of the things that offers a realistic opportunity for anyone with the skill and desire to make some serious money.

When you buy a lottery ticket, you have the chance to win a huge prize, but the odds are strongly stacked against you. If you learn how to count cards, you can methodically make money.

But there’s one thing you need to understand, and it’s in the title of this section. Getting rich by blackjack card counting is a grind. You have to play as much as you can, you have to keep your mind in top shape, and you’re always doing your best not to get caught.

Even if the money is good, the grind can wear you down. On the plus side, you don’t have to be a genius to learn how to count cards, and like I mentioned above, it gives you a realistic opportunity to make money gambling. Anyone with average intelligence and the desire to master it can become a winning card counter.

3 – Hit a Progressive Jackpot

Most large progressive jackpots are available on slot machines, but some other games have them also. The problem with slot machines is they have a high house edge. The odds of hitting a progressive jackpot are also highly against you, but they’re not worse than hitting the lottery.

One thing you need to watch for is many of the slot machines with big progressives require a large bet per spin to be eligible for the top prize. If you’re betting $2 or $2.50 per spin, it doesn’t take long to burn through your bankroll.

4 – Win a Big Lottery


If you’re like me and most other people, you’ve probably spent some time thinking about what you’d do if you hit a big lottery prize. After all, most of us have never had a million to spend, much less 10 or 100 million. And the cost of a ticket is only $2 or $3.

I don’t know of any other bet you can make that offers the chance at such a high return for a small investment. There are many ways to get rich. In this article we present to you the 5 Ways to Get Rich Gambling. This is one of the reasons why gambling  is so popular, and I’m all for taking a small risk for a big reward.

The odds of you hitting a big lottery, even if you play every day your entire life, are very small. It’s not really a realistic chance, but someone is going to win, so I don’t blame you for buying a ticket. If you want a better chance at riches, read one of the two sections on this page about grinding out your fortune.

5 – Poker Grinding

It’s not as flashy as it looks on television, but many poker players are able to grind out a good living at the tables. They play hour after hour, making $20 to $30 or even $50 an hour.

The first thing you need to do is learn how to win on a consistent basis. This isn’t easy, but it’s possible with enough study and practice. Once you learn how to win, the next key is to find the most profitable games and play in them as much as possible.

You can play on a somewhat set schedule, but the fact is if you’re in a wildly profitable game, you can’t afford to leave until it becomes less profitable.

It might become less profitable because the players change or because you start getting tired and start making mistakes. But if you’re killing the game, you need to ride it until you can’t do it anymore.

Just like grinding out a living as a card counter, making good money as a poker player is a grind. It quickly changes from a fun game to something much like a job. This is acceptable to some players, but it makes many players quit playing. Only you can decide if this is a good option for you, but be aware that it can turn a game you love into one you dread.


If you want to get rich gambling, this 5 ways to rich gambling can be of help,  you can either try to develop the skills you need then grind out profits over time, or you can rely on luck of the draw and try for a huge win on very long odds. The grinding method offers a more realistic path, but it takes a great deal of work.

Even if you aren’t willing to be a grinder, you can still take a shot from time to time at a big poker tournament, the lottery, or by letting your profits ride.


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